Jaybird Freedom F5 Review 2018

Jaybird Freedom F5 Review

If our previous article still couldn’t make you decide which earbuds to buy, here is our in-depth Jaybird Freedom F5 Review.


Jaybird Freedom F5 In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones – Secure Sports Fit – Tough All-Metal Design – Gold
  • MICRO-SIZED METAL BUDS - The Freedom Headphones by Jaybird have sandblasted, injection-molded metal parts for premium comfort and fashion. The smaller housing doesn't affect signal performance and can remove distortion, giving you crystal-clear audio wherever you go
  • UNIVERSAL SECURE FIT - The patented silicone ear fins securely attach to the top and back/lower surface areas of the ear for a snug fit, locking the earbuds in during workouts and intense physical activities
  • SWEAT-PROOF - Built to last with a sleek yet rugged design, the Freedom Wireless Headphones are great for sports, workouts, and all weather conditions. Their hydrophobic nano-coating will keep moisture away, whether it's sweat, rain, or snow;Freedom is compatible with any Bluetooth device including iPhone (3, 3S, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus), Apple Watch, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad mini, the new iPod nano, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Android Wear Smartwatches, PC, Mac and gaming devices
  • PERSONALIZED SOUNDS - The MySound App allows you to tweak and customize the sound of your Freedom headphones for a personalized experience, and save them for later as a profile
  • HASSLE-FREE CHARGING - With just 20 minutes of charging, you get an extra hour of playtime. With up to 8 hours of total battery life, you'll never miss a beat!

– Great Noise Isolation

– Minimal Leakage

– Great Design



– Charging Clip Is Inconvenient


Jaybird x3 vs freedom f5

Jaybird – freedom f5 review


Jaybird – Freedom F5 Wireless In-Ear Headphones Review

Their design is, like mentioned in our jaybird freedom vs x3 comparison, simply amazing! Ofcourse that’s more of a personal preference, but still. I don’t think anyone can argue with the fact that Jaybird really did a great job on design.


These earbuds are even smaller than the other models (X3, X2), which makes them perfect for people with smaller ears. They’re still very comfortable for people with normal, or bigger ears though. The headphones don’t fall out, even if you’re jumping and running around.


Make sure to read our blog, as we’ll be giving you guys more weekly updates on the Jaybird earbuds.

Blog: http://jaybirdx3vsfreedom.com/blog


The Jaybird Freedom F5’s are very breathable headphones. Because of their small size, they barely even make contact with ears.



Jaybird Freedom JF3 Review

As you might’ve noticed, there are many different models with those earbuds. “Freedom” itself has a couple of different options.


I’ll keep this very short and on point. There is really not much to say about Jaybird Freedom JF3 review. I honestly don’t like their looks. That alone would probably stop me from buying them.


jaybird freedom jf3 review

jaybird freedom jf3 review


They look nowhere as slick and premium as the x3’s and Freedom F5’s.

Who wins if we compare Jaybird Freedom JF3 vs X3? In design definitely X3’s!!

Check out the review we did on Jaybird X3 earbuds.



Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Pairing

Since these earbuds use the latest Bluetooth version, you can pair 2 sets to one mobile device. How great is that!

The range is also great, you won’t be getting any problems even if you run far away from the mobile device.